For the last 4 years live Australian beef cattle have been imported into Vietnam which has had some significant impacts on the rapid development of a commercial cattle and beef sector. The presentation will provide some insights into some of the challenges faced during this period of development, the regulatory requirements of trading Australian cattle, and consideration of the development pathway needed to ensure the sustainability and growth of the Vietnamese commercial cattle industry and ongoing trade with Australia.

Dr Michael Patching: Meat and Livestock Australia’s (MLA) Manager Livestock Services is responsible for coordinating the Livestock Export Program (LEP) in Vietnam which is jointly funded by Livecorp. This program runs specific in-market activities, capacity building, and research and development programs to add value to the Australian beef exports from Australia and to help improve the welfare of the live Australian cattle.

Michael is a qualified veterinarian and has worked with many facets of the livestock industry and live export industry in many countries around the world. Michael completed his Masters in International Animal Welfare Ethics and Law at Edinburgh University in 2016 examining animal welfare indicators at point of slaughter in Vietnamese abattoirs.