Topic: Application of Yeast to Reduce the Use of AGPs

Antibiotics have been considered as the greatest biotechnologies for livestock in the 20th century. AGPs have been widely applied to prevent infectious diseases and promote growth in livestock since the streptomycin had been found that have the benefit to stimulate the growth of poultry in 1946. This report aims to provide an overview of the options available to reduce the need for antibiotics in animal agriculture through the use of non-antibiotic alternative products (such as yeast products ) , with a focus on synthesizing the current body of scientific literature for yeast products that are already being commercially available. I wish that this report can provide a reference for Vietnam feed business.

Chris Chen is overseas market technical services Director, senior engineer in animal nutrition department, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. He has presided over a lot of applied research cooperation projects with NC State University, Institute of Subtropical Agriculture Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sichuan Agricultural University and other domestic and foreign institutions, presided more than 20 projects on the development and application of yeast and yeast derivatives, He has published more than 20 technical articles about yeast.