Topics: The application of bile acid and Eucommia Ulmoides Extract in Aquatic and Pig

Mr. Li Jinbao, Animal nutrition PhD., functional feed additives application specialists.

He worked in Shandong Sinder group during 2003–2009, Served as feed additive technical director, responsible for the functional feed additive research and development, promotion and marketing services.

Brief: Bile acid as endogenic high efficient fat emulsifying, digestion and absorption promoter, it can promote the fat utilization ratio of diet, clear away the bacterial endotoxins which produced from antibiotics and unconventional feed materials, relieve liver burden, protect liver and gallbladder.  Eucommia Ulmoides Extract has the function of antioxidation, elimination the free radical and promoting immunity. Base of the practical application of more than ten years, the writer briefly introduces the two products function and effects on aquatic and pig, believe that will have very good guidance significance in practice application after listening to the report.