Speaker Profile:

Dr.Wu Jianjun, graduated from Central China Agriculture University, Ph.D in Aquatic Animal Nutrition. Dr.Wu has been serving for several companies related to aquatic pharmaceutics, feed and feed additive industry for 19 years, accumulated a lot of application knowhow in special aquatic animal breeding, and experiences in R&D, marketing and technical service for aquatic feed additives & animal health products. Dr. Wu is currently working with Sunhy Biology Co., Ltd, as technical director of Aquatic Animal Nutrition Division, providing technical support to aqua customers.


With the rapid development of aquatic farming, the demand for aquatic feed is expanding. We’re confronted with the fact, that ever-rising price of fish-meal, and widely usage of alternative protein sources. What are the main problems of these protein sources? What’ll be the effects on the growth and health of aquaculture animals? This report will provide valuable reference for developing new raw materials for aqua feed and improving feed nutritional value from sharing insights of Sunhy’s Enzyme research and application