Dr. Zhang graduated from Animal Nutrition Institute, Sichuan Agricultural University, who had more than 20 years work experience in technical management.  He has engaged in products R&D and production technology work for many years with excellent animal nutrition theoretical knowledge and abundant practical production experience, which makes him an expert in  animal micro-nutrients requirement, formula development, nutrition solutions, product effectiveness and preciseness.


Outline of this presentation are as follows.

  1. Selenium’s research and application history
  2. Selenium nutrition essence: seleno-containing amino acids–selenomethionine and selenocysteine
  3. Organic selenium and inorganic selenium metabolic pathway
  4. Organic selenium has higher bioavailability and effectiveness than inorganic selenium
  5. Organic selenium has a strong maternal nutrition effect
  6. Organic selenium can efficiently improve meat and egg quality
  7. Organic selenium can improve animal health and immunity
  8. Effectiveness difference of different organic selenium products
  9. The right assessment of different organic selenium products