For the past 18 years Mr. Keane has helped dairy producers achieve their profitability goals by focusing on cow comfort.  Through extensive use of time lapse videos and consultation with Veterinarians, Universities and Dairymen from around the world, Mr. Keane will demonstrate how a properly implemented free stall system, designed to allow your cows to behave naturally as they would in a pasture, can improve your yield, increase longevity of your herd and decrease overall vet and operating costs … all which contribute to the profitability of your dairy production facility.  As a result of Mr. Keane’s work, over 3 million cows in over 46 countries are resting comfortably on Promat’s cow comfort solutions.


Mr. Keane’s presentation will demonstrate how a properly designed, comfort-engineered free stall system will allow your cows the freedom to act naturally, as they would in an outdoor pasture. Numerous studies have clearly shown that cows that are allowed to act naturally produce more milk, have more lactation cycles and, due to a cleaner and more comfortable stall, suffer less from disease and lameness.

Mr. Keane will also introduce Promat’s partner, the Global Dairy Institute (GDI) which is a consortium of world-class companies that offer all services required to design, build, equip and operate a successful and profitable dairy operation of any size in any climate.