Mr. Roger Philip Parfitt

Dr. Le Van Phan

Jan Cortenbach

Nguyen Hieu Phuong, PhD

Heat stress in poultry: old problem – new approach

Heat stress is one of the most concerned issues in poultry production, especially modern poultry breeds which have high growth rate or high egg production. It is well known that heat stress has caused several negative effects on commercial poultry including behavioral responses (panting and wing lifting), physiological responses (elevation of body temperature), digestion (lower feed consumption, reduced digestive enzymes), growth rate (feed conversion ratio and body weight gain), immune system. Corticosterone, an important stress indicator in animals, is measured to evaluate heat stress in poultry in numerous studies. However, using corticosterone level is not effective enough to detect and evaluate heat stress in poultry. In recent years, by using cutting-edge techniques, scientists have approached heat stress in animals as well as poultry at a molecular level (such as heat shock protein 70, heat shock protein 90, and other new stress indicators) to better understand the mechanism and to better evaluate the severity of heat stress. In Vietnam, due to hot and humid weather, heat stress affects poultry health and production. However, there is a lack of scientific information about this stressor in commercial and colored feather chickens in Vietnam. This presentation aims to summarize information about heat stress research in poultry and addresses some approaches to alleviate its impacts on Vietnam poultry production.

Nguyen Van Hiep


Responsible areas:
*In charge of Standing office of DAH in HoChiMinh City.
Be wholly responsible for Veterinary management; prevention and control animal diseases and zoonoses in the southern part of Vietnam.
* Focal point of ASWGL(Asean Working Group on Livestock) of Vietnam: attending annual meetings of Asean on animal health, animal husbandry, veterinary medicines, animal welfare….
*Responsible for cooperation on Animal Health with Cambodia: Leader of Vietnam delegation to attend Bilateral Meeting between Vietnam and Cambodia on animal health cooperation annually.
*Representative of DAH of Vietnam attending OIE, FAO meetings on veterinary issues ( training courses, workshops on animal health, animal welfare,vet.medicines, laboratory….)

In addition, based on the nomination of Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. I had been in many countries for attending meetings which were related to animal health, animal husbandry such as:
*America( OIE meeting, Animal diseases, July 2007);
*Germany ( ZDG: German Poultry Association; Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV), June 2015);
*China (HPAI vaccine production2011, SPS meeting 2009).
*China Taiwan(veterinary medicines, Formosa Company,2008);
*Korea (Swine breeding farms, Derby company,2008);
*Srilanka (Dog management and Rabies control,WSPA,2010);
*Iran( 27th Conference to the OIE Regional commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania, November 2011);
*England (Workshop on AMR for developing countries,Wilton Park,2014).
*Australia (Agricultural trade policy and biosecurity.August 2008; Animal welfare 2014).

And Asean countries

From August-2015 to now :

Retired and working for Vietnam Veterinary Association(VVA).
Executive Committee Member
Chief of Representative Office of VVA in HCM city

Dr. Nguyen Quang Thieu